Enamel Pin Display Stand, heart set of 3 – 3D Print


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A new way of displaying your pins for decoration, or a helping item to arrange your pins for photos!
It comes in 2 sizes and various colours to fit your needs. You can use the pin display stand as is, or use a glue stick to place your own backing image on the display and personalise it this way. (example for that can be seen on the heart with the red dotted paper)
You will get a set of 2 sizes. Big is sized 3.5″/ 9cm. Medium: 2.1″/6,5cm.

I have used rubber and butterfly clutch backings without a problem. Most of the times one single butterfly clutch is enough to snuggly fit a pin on, which is really helpful.

I offer two versions of “grates”: Grid and Gyro.
Both the grid and gyro options may require some wiggling and compromising, as centring your pins depends on the actual placement of the posts on your pins. The gyro grate is less rigid than the grid and has a bit of flex to it as it is printed thinner.

Colours: The Midnight Mermaid and Sandy Sky variations are black filaments with a beautiful glitter effect that shine in varying intensity depending on the angle of light. Glitter Gold can be described as old gold with golden glitter. Copper, Silver and Honey Gold reflect a lot of light which gives them a metallic look.

★ You will get a set of two, one of each size: big and medium.
★ I print these with my own desktop 3D printer, meaning the FDM print technique leaves layers visible by eye and touch.
★ Colours may vary between your monitor’s colour settings and the physical product.
★ Material/Filament used: biodegradable PLA, produced in Germany or Europe. Heat resistant up to 60 °C/150 °F.
★ Does not come with the pins or decoration used for the photoshoot.

If there are any questions, feel free to message me.

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