Artist Trading Card master template (ATC), Kakao-Karten Schablone – 3D Print


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Artist Trading Cards (ATCs or ACEOs) are handmade miniature artworks for trade or sell. They are normally sized 2,5 by 3,5 inches (64mm × 89mm) or doubled in size for maxi cards. In Germany there are more widely known as Kakao Karten.

These templates/masters are printed fitting the size of a regular and maxi card, minus around half a millimeter to compensate for the pen tip. The maxi template features openings to serve as a single card template, and has curves to add rounded edges to your card. The longer sides have little nooks to mark the middle, which helps cutting a maxi card into two.

3D printed as a grid to be able to see through and chose your composition on already drawn artwork, and 2,8mm high to keep some flex to prevent the grid from snapping.

★ Set of two templates, regular and maxi.
★ Sizes: Regular 64mm × 89mm x 2,8mm. Maxi 89mm x 128mm x 2,8mm.
★ Colours may vary between your monitor settings and the physical product.
★ Material/Filament used: biodegradable PLA, produced in Germany or Europe. Heat resistant up to 60 °C/150 °F.

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