Brexit and VAT

With the exit of the Untied Kingdom from the European Union on the 01.01.2021, VAT is now charged at the point of sale.
The new regulations means, I as seller, am responsible to pay VAT to the UK government. But as small business according to the § 19 UStG (small business) I am not allowed to charge and collect VAT. To avoid problems, confusions and mis-charging I will not sell to the UK from this website, until I exceed my status as small business.

As UK customer you can still buy from my Etsy store, as Etsy is collecting VAT at checkout by being an online marketplace and paying it to the UK. All my UK orders will be shipped via Deutsche Post and an invoice with the full transaction listed will be included in the package. In case you are being requested to pay VAT during import, this invoice will show that you already paid VAT.

Besides these VAT changes, you as buyer might still need to pay customs and fees depending on the total amount of your purchase, outside of VAT regulation.